Cadette MEdia Journey Award Set

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In this Journey, you will:

  1. Explore media and find out how to reshape negative media messages into more positive ones—invite a TV show producer to talk about what influences her work, organize a movie night and discuss the film’s messages, or write a rap song or TV script. 
  2. Plan a Take Action Project that encourages positive messages in media—rewrite a song that has hurtful lyrics about women, create a blog that reviews how movies and TV shows depict girls, or start a Twitter campaign responding to stereotypes you see in the media.
  3. Earn 3 awards: Monitor Award, Influence Award, and Cultivate Award. If you're a Girl Scout volunteer, go to Volunteer Toolkit for complete meeting plans and activity instructions.

Learn more about how to earn your Take Action Award — and help your community — with the Girl Scout Take Action Guide. Then use your leadership skills to earn your Silver Award, the highest award for Girl Scout Cadettes!

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